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Rendering Services

Traditional Cement Rendering
Our teams have the skills and capabilities to work with traditional sand and cement renders over traditional masonry and concrete substrates.
Polymer Modified Renders
We are familiar with all major render brands and all associated systems across all substrates including AAC, PVC, FC and polystyrene panels, and in compliance with the manufacturers instructions to ensure our clients are covered by system warranties wherever applicable.
Acrylic Texture Coating
We are familiar with all types of textured finishes currently on the market, ranging from traditional finishes to more modern and contemporary styles.
High Performance Membrane Paints
With a strong background in painting, we are familiar with all high performance membrane paints, including elastomeric and UV heat reflective membranes.
Architectural Mouldings
Traditionally a part of a renderers portfolio of skills, architectural mouldings are decorative features that greatly enhance the character and appearance of a building.
Joint Sealing and Caulking
Water tight, long lasting and pleasing to the eye are the key requirements. We use only brands that are trusted to perform over the lifespan of a building.
Residential Works
We have rendering teams that are geared to provide render works to all corners of the market including multi residential, high-end residential, renovations, fa├žade upgrades and high volume project homes.
Heritage Restoration
We have skills and knowledge in restoring heritage listed buildings, including desalination, rising damp and waterproofing.
Specialized Decorative Wall Finishes
We are familiar with the application of all decorative finishes ranging from smooth, shiny, earthy and rustic.

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